Taskeer Trading compamy

Reg# : 1010580685

Use agreements:

These terms of use agreement and the terms and conditionsare set out to protect and preserve the rights of both Taskeer application owners and users. Therefore, once you use this application by any means, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this agreement and that you agree to what is stated in it.
All terms, conditions and provisions of this agreement and legal disputes are subject to the laws, legislations and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The first item: tariffs

The word (application) refers to the innovative Taskeer platform for organizing monthly financial cooperative (a process that aims to save money to provide liquidity and benefit from monthly income) among beneficiaries and is referred to as
(user / users) in the system of public and private groups, where each group includes a number of people.
(The users) agree on the dates of the financial transfers and prioritizing the entitlement for each beneficiary, while providing a financial guarantee from the application in some cases to ensure the progress of the monthly financial cooperative process with its specific conditions for each user.
The owners and representatives of the application in this agreement are referred to as (the owner).

The second item: terms of use
  1. The user is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the account data, including his username and password, and he also holds full responsibility for any use of the service that is made through his username and password, whether it is done by him or by others.
  2. The user is obliged not to use the service to download, display, place, distribute or send any illegal content, as well as any content that involves threats, and any explicit, disgraceful, offensive or unacceptable content, or content that violates the rights any individual or company, and also includes any content that involves request funds,publicity, or circumventing in order to steal services or materials.
  3. The application reserves all rights to terminate the user's use of the service or to abolition the service, and to inform the user that he is prevented from using the service in case the user violates any legal texts, or in the event that he performs actions that the application administration deems inappropriate or violate the use agreement.
  4. The user is committed to not gather information about other application users for commercial or other purposes.
  5. The user is committed to not take any action that harms the reputation of the application and its owners.
  6. The user is committed to not impersonate the owner, his representatives, his employees, or any trait that indicates that he is affiliated with the application unless he has official permission to do so from the owner.
  7. The user is not entitled to grant access to the services or to copy or distribute any part of the application in any medium, without obtaining prior written permission from the owner.
  8. The user acknowledges and agrees that when registered with group with the application that the amount due on him is considered an obligation from him, and he may not withdraw his payment or participate in the group except according to the conditions set by the participants in the group.
  9. The user grants the owner full authorization to claim on his behalf the amounts owed to other users in the group to which he joins and the user undertakes to issue a power of attorney to the owner within five (5) working days in the event that it is necessary to facilitate the owner's claim to other users of the arrears in official ways.
  10. The user acknowledges that his credit history is safe from defaults payment, by submitting a copy of the credit report for individuals from the “Simah” platform.
  11. User allows the application management to to verify his personal information in the "Absher" system.
  12. The user is obliged to issue a bank deduction when registering in the Public group to ensure payment.
  13. The minimum for a single user to participate in the group is an amount of (500 SAR) and the minimum for one group is an amount of 3000 SAR).
  14. The user acknowledges and agrees that it is strictly prohibited (unless there is written and explicit permission) to use or launch any automated system, including without limitation: (Robots, Spiders, Offline readers) etc., or (Load testers) including Without limitation (Wget, Apache Bench, mswebstress, httpload, Blitz, Xcode Automator, Android Monky) etc., which logs into the application for the purpose of sending a large number of requests to the application's “Servers” during a specific period of time that exceeds the user’s ability Normal during the specified time.
  15. The owner has the full right to withdraw or revoke any exceptions that have been agreed either in general or in particular for any specific or unspecified reason.
  16. The owner does not allow any kind of eavesdropping systems of any kind and for any reason and they are not limited to: Ethereal, tcpdump, or HTTPWatch in general, and the owner does not allow any kind or effort of reverse engineering the service system, protocol system, or / Exploration beyond the usual average user requirements.
  17. The owner will verify the entered user information, but it remains the responsibility of each user to ensure the integrity of the information and personal data entered by other users.
  18. In the case the user account is deleted, this will delete all data entered and kept by the user in the permanently deleted account.
  19. This agreement is subject to the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and territorial jurisdiction is when any dispute related to this agreement arises in the courts of the city of Riyadh.
  20. The registration in the application is considered as full agree and negligence questionnaire of all the terms, conditions and terms of application.
  21. The application reserves all rights to abolish or suspend any right to use the service in case the user violates any of the terms of the usage agreement.
  22. The application reserves all rights to change, amend, cancel or replace all or part of the service.
  23. The application reserves all rights to make any change or amendment to all or some of the terms of the usage agreement, whether by deletion or addition, including the conditions for imposing restrictions or fees on the use of the service.
  24. The application shall notify the user of the changes and modifications made to the usage agreement, by notifying the user of any means of notifications. These changes are effective upon notification to the user, and the user’s use of the service after notifying him of these changes is considered as approval by him of these changes.
  25. The owner has the right to terminate the application without notice.
  26. The owner reserves the right at any time and without notice to users to review user compliance with this agreement. If the review reveals potential differences or violations of the agreement, the owner may take the steps listed in the clause (breach of the agreement) below.
The third item: Return and Cancellation Policy
  1. The user has the right to withdraw from the group just 15 days before the start of the first financial cycle.
  2. The user is not entitled to a refund after the group has started.
  3. When a user requests a refund, the Taskeer management app will retrieve the amount within 48 hours.
  4. If the amount is not returned after the above mentioned period, please contact the technical support service or send an e-mail request (info@@taskeer.co) for the application administration to request a refund.
The fourth item: Intellectual Property Rights
  1. The design of the application in addition to its system, its content, user information, component documents, graphic designs, effective features and trademarks of the service, including logos, tags and icons specially designed for this service are owned and possesses intellectual property rights and may not be used without prior permission from its owner . The service provided to you is for your personal use only.
  2. You agree that you will not use, copy or distribute any of the services available to you in the application other than as authorized by them in this service, in addition to not using, copying or distributing the services granted to you by using them to other parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
The fifth item: Confidentiality of data and information
  1. The owner reserves the right to collect and use information about the user such as that is filled out in the registration form for statistical purposes and for purposes of improving the service.
  2. The owner is obligated to provide complete confidentiality of the user data and not to sell it.
  3. The application is committed to taking the necessary standards to protect and preserve data, knowing that the Internet is not a safe (100%) way to store confidential information.
The sixth item: Breach of the Agreement

In the event of a user breach of the agreement or any applicable provisions of any merging policy referred to here, or in the event of a defect occurring on part of the agreement in the application. The owner reserves the right, at his discretion, to:

  1. Delete the user account from the app.
  2. Resorting to the competent authorities to request compensation or demanding punishment for the offending user.
  3. Place an advertisement in the means available to the owner of deleting the user account and publish the details of his violation.
The seven item: The Limits of Responsibility
  1. The application does not bear responsibility and users transferred his rights of any claims against the owner or application for any damages, whether direct, indirect, private, disciplinary, incidental, or consequential, resulting from the application or users.
  2. The owner is not responsible for any damages or underperformance under this agreement, if this delay or failure is due to circumstances beyond his control or any other reason beyond the reasonable control of the operators of the application.
The eighth item: Disclaimer of Guarantee
  1. There are no guarantees of any kind from the owner regarding the application .
  2. The responsibility to payment of income tax to take advantage of the application services - if any - is the responsibility of the user.